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STARTnet an online platform providing information on artists and their artworks, selected through the Global Eye Programme and the artworld at large.


With the aim to provide an international platform for emerging Asian artists, the Global Eye Programme was established in 2008 by Parallel Contemporary Art (PCA) working with the Saatchi Gallery.


STARTnet is a powerful art platform that secures transactions using blockchain technology to bring together artists, subscribers and collectors.

Every user can

become a collector.

Enjoy collecting artworks virtually in your Collect Book before purchasing the works through the virtual account.

Enjoy communicating with artists building a virtual art collection from which you can safely and confidendially then purchase artworks for your personal art collection through STARTnet’s on-line platform. 

Through the STARTnet on-line platform users can enjoy viewing artworks, communicate with artists and purchase their favourite artworks, saved in their virtual collection; Collect Book all from the privacy of their own home or office 24 hours a day seven days a week. 

Providing services and events in a fun interactive platform, the desire for ownership and feeling of competitiveness turns users into influential collectors. STARTnet's goal is to build a diversified portfolio of collectors; real artwork collectors and those who have just started to enjoy art by creating their own virtual collection via the Collect Book.

Collectors can create

their own virtual “Collect Book” online

STARTnet is an exciting art platform where users will enjoy communicating with each other and will inspire anyone to become a collector.

The platform categorises artists by main project such as Global Eye Programme, Eye Awards, START art fair exhibitor and emerging artists. 
Also, as a part of the matching page, recommended artists and artworks are displayed with curatorial notes.

If the users like the artworks displayed in the recommendation page, they may collect it in their Collect Book page.

Users can transform their digital devices (tablet PC, PC, Mobile, Laptop) into digital art frames or digital calendars. 

Artists can view their followers' Ccollect Bbooks with their selection of saved artists’ works. They can also see other artists' information that has been collected in the same Collect Book.

Collectors can follow both fellow collectors and artists. Browsing through other Collect Books, collectors may learn about other collector ‘s preferences and incorporate new artists to their own collection. 

The spider web network allows collectors to communicate and learn more about others' collections. This network also provides a more reliable and accurate recommendation service.

Do you want to purchase exclusive artworks at art fairs?
You can easily purchase online with your credit card

STARTnet offers a credit card payment service to anyone who wants to purchase artworks during art fairs or any art exhibitions.
Additionally, the transaction generates information for the customer management service to tailor specific mailing services and promotional events to the user.

Blockchain technology is vital to the online art market. The code entitled to the artwork verifies the authenticity and it proves to be a reliable resource in the hassle-free transactions made through STARTnet, including re-sale.
Additionally, the customised artwork matching service based on big data analysis, helps users to quickly discover new favorite artworks and artists so that they can build their unique collector book. 

How to purchase artworks from art fairs, exhibitions and own virtual collections.